Our Services

C-Store Cleaning


Services included in our Washing Program:

Pressure Wash Concrete areas:

  • Sidewalks around store, Fuel pad areas.
  • Treat ALL stains with degreaser for stain removal
  • Clean Under Trash CansBuilding/Awning Cleaning:
    • Rinse down Store/Kiosk building (removing dirt and cowebs from lighting)
    • Clean off window sills
    • Rinse and squeegee windows
    • Check for grease spot on wallsCanopy Cleaning:
      • Chemical Soft Rinse under side decking (Use butyl base product for dirty soot areas)
      • Clean around all columns (be careful of soaking Fuel dispensers)
      • Scrub Clean Canopy Face removing any streaks (Use Butyl Base Product)

        Final Walk Arounds:

        We make sure job the site is fully complete and looking good before getting a signed off work order.

        Documentation of the cleaning is done as well having open Communication with management.



Parking Garages
Enviroman services offers annual or semi-annual Environmental Pressure Washing program. These wash-downs are done to remove salt, dirt, oils and other containments from your parking areas, walk-ways, stair wells. Vehicles that collect salt, ice-melt chemicals while driving manage to bring them into the parking areas. While in the garage, these products result in a deposit of harsh chemicals that can increase concrete deterioration. Our Services remove these harmful chemicals. Clean and Sanitary garage attracts more customers .



















ALL AREAS are cleaned with the best environmental practices to assure a safe and clean environment.



Property Management









Optional cleaning and gum removal of sidewalk areas

Safe exterior SOFT WASHING solutions are used to remove mold, mildew, oils, and other stains


Awnings & Canopies

ENVIROMAN SERVICES cleans awnings & canopies using the appropriate heat, chemicals, and “soft wash” pressure in an effort to keep your store safe and our environment clean.

Canopy Cleaning Services Include:

  • Low pressure Rinse
  • Mold and Weather contaminant cleaned
  • Decking Rinse (Whitening rinse can be added with additional charge)
  • Canopy face scrubbed (Additional cost may apply)

ENVIROMAN SERVICES offers (detergents specified from canopy manufacture not to void any warranties).


Car Wash Tunnel Cleaning

Q: What is the proper way to have your Car Wash Cleaned?
A: Enviroman Services uses a sprayer filled with properly diluted cleaning detergent, We spray the detergent so it can dwell on the wall for 3-5minutes.  Using a Hot Water Pressure Washing System of at least a 3000 psi we start to wash the build-up off. They will come cleaner, but stubborn walls may need a second application of detergent and agitation.

Q: What is the importance of setting up a maintenance schedule, what is that schedule?
A: Having a maintenance schedule is super important to getting extended life out of your tunnel walls. Companys that don’t clean their walls for a year have a very difficult time making them look new again in fact it becomes much more costly and unmanagable.  Companies owning carwashes should wash down their walls with a MILD detergent on a weekly basis.  They should perform a deep cleaning every month depending on how busy the carwash is. Deep cleaning requires the use of a specialized acidic detergent.

Q: Why do they get so dirty and hard to clean?
A: Tunnel walls get so dirty because of a lot of factors.  The cars come in with road grime, oil, dirt, etc. This stuff gets exsposed on to the walls and equipment when washes are in progress. This road grime that is now on the wall is mixed with Cleaning Surfactants, oils and hard water from the carwash soap and water.  This then drys on the wall, after several days of this cycle your carwash ends up with a hard water/dried soap coating several layers thick. The only way to remove this is using a acid base cleaner that is 100% safe for car washes.

Q: What are common mistakes made when get there tunnel walls / equipment cleaned?
A: The biggest mistake we see in the industry is companies not doing it enough, or turning to un experienced in-house labor.  Getting under a regular maintenance program it’s a guarantee your walls will never get to the point they cannot be cleaned.

Check It OutThe cleaners used in these facilities contain chemicals that are highly toxic and can cause serious health risks.

Car washes are a high profit tool in the C-store business, so maintaining them is important. Without proper maintenance mold can build up inside and cause health issues as well as loss of business.

A clean and well maintained car wash will find they are gaining loyal customers that will return again and again.

ENVIROMAN SERVICES offers a complete Acid wash to remove build up from car washes. Regular maintenance and routine professional cleaning will prevent build up on walls and ceiling.

(Every car wash is evaluated for better cleaning).

Painting Services

Well maintained parking lots include fresh paint and line striping.
Clearly identified areas will help eliminate a safety hazards at your stores by providing clear locations for pedestrians to walk, loading zones, handicap areas, and curbs.

ENVIROMAN SERVICES offers a full line of painting and line striping services.
When Cleaning isn’t enough or when it’s the perfect ending to a store washing.

ENVIROMAN SERVICES offers a full painting service. From store lines to bollard reconditioning, to ADA compliant handicap areas. Even Building painting, fuel brand change over. We offer the highest in quality and turn over time.

Canopy Deck Reconditioning:

Fuel Canopies are large investments we offer a full revamp on the decking making it look almost new with Surface prep and painting.


Eco Blasting



Eco Blasting Services is a revolutionary paint stripping and cleaning tool that can remove ALMOST any coating from any surface, without creating a plume of dust. Our system works by mixing water and abrasive. By introducing water, we’re drastically increasing mass and energy the machine is putting out, while eliminating dust.

Our Systems are eco friendly and can be used to etch concrete without using acids. Chemical etching is an environmental nightmare. Our cleaning and stripping process is 100% environmentally Safe!!